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Occupational Therapy

TKidsT offers occupational therapy for children from infancy through adolescence. Our children’s “occupations” include playing, learning at school, getting dressed, doing their homework, and engaging with peers. Following the DIR® Floortime model helps us understand a child as an individual, their emotions and the way they perceive the world through their senses can impact their ability to perform every day activities that are part of their “occupation”. TKidsT OTs  work on the foundational skills utilizing a play based approach in an inviting environment that creates a positive and trusting relationship and utilize meaningful and motivating activities that help children be ready to engage, think and play, enticing them to learn and succeed.

Executive Functioning Skills  “Get it done” skills

Sensory Processing and Modulation  The ability to take in information from our senses, process it, and make appropriate and organized responses.

Social Emotional Development  Development of Self-regulation, engagement, purposeful communication, problem solving, symbolic and pretend play.

Social Skills/Play  Being able to engage in appropriate ways to have meaningful interactions with families/peers.

Posture  Posture plays an important role because it helps a child move efficiently and have control of their body. For example, a child who has difficulty sitting with good posture will have challenges to write, reach for toys, put shoes on or do any activities that require fine motor precision.

Handwriting  A complex task that requires multiple skills, such as: executive functioning.

Life Skills  Including dressing, bathing, toileting, self-feeding, and managing all aspects of their school day.

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