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Parent Coaching

We can all agree that parenting is challenging and even frustrating at times. There is no university that offers a degree in “Parenthood”. We simply become parents and while no one has it figured out, we try our best. It is often the parental effort that guarantees the most rewarding results for a child. At TKidsT we offer an emotionally safe environment and embrace a playful approach to treatment. Parents are empowered to be the best-informed advocates for their child. We recognize you as the most important member of the team and your individual views and expectations must be considered when developing intervention. During our parent coaching sessions, we help you understand your child’s needs, recognize their strengths, and get the opportunity to practice your new skills during guided parent-child interactions.

Parent Coaching at TKidsT focuses on empowering you, the parent, to help your child grow and reach their fullest potential. Our approach at TKidsT follows the DIR®Floortime and PLAY Project models. We provide parents with the necessary tools to learn to support their child’s social and emotional development while enjoying interacting with them. Some of the areas we work on with parents include building self-regulation, exploration and expansion of ideas, as well as how to use pretend play. Learning to read cues and incorporating strategies into a child’s daily life transforms challenging situations into positive outcomes. It is also important to help you, the parent, be mindful of your own feelings and reactions to enhance the dynamic of the parent-child relationship. Remember,

“Behind the child that makes the most progress, is an actively involved parent”
Building relationships sparks curiosity, thinking, creativity and mindful learning
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