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The DIR® Floortime model guides our interactions and emphasizes the importance of establishing trusting, meaningful relationships with each child. We tailor our therapy based on each child’s unique strengths and needs, and on the family’s unique priorities.

What Makes TKidsT Therapy Services Different?  
TKidst focus on sparking curiosity by utilizing activities at their “just-right” level and targeting intrinsic motivating activities during our sessions. This process creates independent thinkers allowing for the discovery of new ideas and experiences that promote the development of solid learning foundations. We work with families to help them understand and meet the child at their present level.

To deliver top quality services, our team participates in weekly interdisciplinary team meetings, as well as in-house training and courses that enhance the therapists’ professional experience to enhance quality of therapy each child receives. Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team is embraced at TKidsT because we value the role of outside clinicians as part of a treatment team.

At TKidsT we pride ourselves in providing therapy services for children at their schools based on the Teaching PLAY – (PLAY Project). Teaching PLAY allow us to work with teachers to improve the student’s participation in classroom activities, improve interactions with peers, support their overall functional development and improve their academic skills.


Thinkering Kids offers online therapy services for occupational and speech and language therapy through video chat (i.e., Skype, Hangout). We provide support to the families carrying out easily adaptable at-home programs that benefit the child, and train individuals that work with them simultaneously. This service is intended for those who reside out of town. Onsite assessment and periodic follow ups are required.