Maria Ester Carusso

Office Manager


Ester’s positive outlook on life and work ethic stems from her love of learning. Having studied Psychopedagogy in her native country, she is constantly in pursue of ways to connect with parents and children. In previous roles, Ester has been tasked with being a team leader during company re-organizations. This experience has led to continual growth in all aspects of office management. Her forte includes many years of implementing innovative billings processes. At Tkidst, we believe in individualized approach to therapy for our children and Ester applies the same principle towards our parents. Her vast knowledge combined with her friendly demeanor makes for a smooth and reliable customer service experience.  Few roles are as integral to an office as that of the office manager, and as our Office Manager at TKidsT, Ester and her team will be your first point of contact and will continue to provide superb customer support.