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Making a Difference-

DIR®FLoortime and Teletherapy-

Teletherapy has always been an effective form of therapy for children who don’t have access to therapy centers for different reasons. During the past couple of months, we have been seeing the progress our children have made!   

DIR Floortime has made a big impact on  how our children have reacted to Teletherapy. After all, we continue emphasizing the need of  us as therapists, meeting children where they are (what they are interested in, how attentive they are, challenges, environment, strengths), following their lead, sparking curiosity, keeping them engaged throughout the session.  It has proven to work for the children at our center!  

What a great reality check of how much the DIR Floortime model impacts our therapy sessions!

Our kiddos are loving their Teletherapy sessions! TKidsT OTs are taking every opportunity to support our children to stay connected, think, plan, and create during our Teletherapy sessions. Thinking about each child’s individual needs and strengths (DIR®FLoortime :), we have found innovative ways to work on visual motor skills, handwriting, as well as on supporting independence in everyday activities!  Making progress in therapy is about supporting children to be motivated to think, create and play!

Our toddlers are also having a great time on Teletherapy! TkidsT Speech pathologists are keeping our little ones motivated to stay engaged and attend, in other words, playing – DIR®FLoortime :),  to work on their goals – communicating wants and needs, requesting, answering questions, finding new words, and making choices.  Another area Teletherapy has been proven successful is working along with parents during sessions. Parents involvement in therapy sessions makes a big difference!