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What is TKidsT?  
TKidsTime is an ongoing therapy-based group that provides young children a well-rounded opportunity to help build the foundational skills children need to be ready for school.

What makes TKidsT effective?  
– Individualized intensive therapy program, run by Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Pathologists.  
– DIR-Floortime based program – Developmental , Individualized and building Relationships approach.  
– Encourages exploration, discovering and creativity.  
– Supports independent thinking.  
– Play-based.  
– Developing Executive Functioning skills.  
– Offers a variety of enriching experiences, from free play to individualized work time.

TKidsTime Daily Activities 
Activities demands are tailored to each child’s individual needs to allow for their best level of participation, engagement and completion. Our day includes activities that support development of sensory processing, social skills, pre-academic, attention and many other areas that are part of the foundational skills needed to get ready for school.

What is DIR-Floortime and what are the benefits of using that model?   
– DIR-Flootime is a Developmental approach that focuses on understanding each child’s Individuality -strengths and needs, and works on building up and reinforcing Relationships between children and family and others.  
– Play-based. Play generates engagement and internal motivation and is one of the most important ways for children to be ready to learn from the world around them in a more natural and intrinsic way.  
– Individual plans are based on each child’s individual profiles, strengths and challenges. Using an individualized approach helps us provide the support each child needs to support their development.

Why are Social and Emotional Skills important to get children ready for school? 
To succeed in school, children need to be ready and interested in learning, have self-confidence, self-control, and a sense of joy. Studies of school achievement have consistently shown that high quality stable, caring relationships at home and in the early years helping children develop strong social emotional skills. Strong social emotional skills get children off to a right start in school and in life.

What are Executive Functioning Skills?   
Executive function Skills enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and handle multiple tasks successfully. These skills filter distractions, prioritize tasks, control impulses and help us come up with ideas, develop plans and complete tasks. Executive Function skills include awareness, attention, self-control and other important skills.

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