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DIR® Floortime


At Thinkering Kids, we follow the DIR® Floortime. This framework, is an evidenced-based intervention that recognizes the importance of building supportive relationships with children, which serve as the primary driving force for their learning and growth. Relationships generate engagement, intrinsic motivation, communication, and thinking.

As DIR® Floortime providers, we use a play-based approach to create joyful and meaningful interactions during our therapy sessions. Play is one of the most important ways for children to learn from the world around them in a natural and motivating way.

DIR® Floortime helps us empower parents to understand their child’s individual needs and strengths, as well as to learn methods and techniques to engage with their child and support their development.

We are always focused on meeting each child at their unique level in order to move them up the developmental ladder.

Every interaction with a child can be an opportunity to use DIR® Floortime, like when a child is getting ready for school, engaging with peers on play dates, bath time, while reading a book or cuddling in bed. DIR® Floortime can be the engagement language you use every day with your child.

DIR® Floortime
helps parents support
their child’s development while building stronger emotional connections and relationships.