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Our Therapy Approach


Our therapeutic approach is based on the DIR® Floortime model. We support your child’s development by considering and understanding their individual needs and strengths through warm, nurturing, and trusting interactions. After all, we learn through our emotional interactions. Building a strong relationship with your child, following their lead, joining them in what they are interested in and what motivates them, opens the door for real learning. We want to invite them into an interaction rather than force them.

We focus on building a child’s skills by addressing the root causes of their challenges following a developmental approach.

Behaviors are communication of needs, challenges, wants, or an expression of emotions. Our role is to observe and understand children’s behaviors and look for clues that indicate what the behaviors mean and the issues that could be triggering them.  Finding the meaning of behaviors that could be impacting the child's day to day life or their safety will lead us to support their development.

We encourage family participation throughout the treatment process. After all, you are your child's expert and their number one advocate!

Parents, grandparents, siblings, and caregivers are welcome to become members of our team and participate in therapy sessions as much as possible as we work towards achieving your child and family’s goals.

Every moment you interact with your child is a moment in which you can build healthy foundations that will encourage them to interact with you, communicate and develop their thinking process.