Occupational Therapy


What is OT?

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Occupational Therapy works to help children participate fully in their occupations and social situations.
Children’s “occupations” are components of their daily routines, including getting dressed, toileting, washing hands, attending to and completing lessons at school, hand writing, staying calm in frustrating moments, and playing with friends, etc.

At Thinkering Kids, we do more than occupational therapy, we do DIR® Floortime-based occupational therapy! Our occupational therapists support children to Think(ering) and problem solve, not just to follow instructions and practice skills.

Our sessions involve meaningful, motivating, purposeful and dynamic activities that help children engage, attend, Think(ering), explore, create, learn and succeed.

Skills addressed by OT include:

  • Sensory Processing
  • Executive Functions
  • Engagement
  • Play Skills
  • Self-regulation (self-calming and attention/focus
  • Writing
  • Fine motor skills and posture
  • Independence across self care and daily activities
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How we do it...

  • Build a rapport with the child
  • Promote and support their Think(er)ing processing
  • Use toys, games to work on developing skills
  • Follow their interest to motivate them to actively participate in activities
  • Foster their creativity
  • Understand and respect their sensory needs, learning styles, challenges and strengths
  • Practice mindfulness for self-control
  • Work as part of their team