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Veronica graduated from Florida International University and has been working with children for over twenty years. As a well-known occupational therapist in the community, she has developed an incredible ability to connect with children, understand the root of their challenges, and empower their families by getting them actively involved in the therapeutic process. She is an advanced DIR®Floortime practitioner and now a PLAY Project Consultant and TEACH PLAY certification trainee.

Given the evolution of her journey as an occupational therapist and her desire to help as many children as possible, Veronica decided to open her own practice, THINKERING KIDS THERAPY, LLC (TKidsT) with the mission of fostering a true child and family-centered approach .

Working with an interdisciplinary team, partnering with families, teachers and other professionals, Veronica is determined to provide children with the most comprehensive therapeutic services possible.


In 2007, Jeniffer graduated from Florida International University with a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. Since joining Veronica’s team in 2008, she has been an exemplary occupational therapist with deep connections to the children she works with.

Jeniffer has served as supervisor of the occupational therapy team lead by Veronica for the past nine years. She has extensive training in the DIR®Floortime model, TAMO, Sensory Integration the ALERT Program, Handwriting Without Tears, Social Thinking Integrated Listening System (iLS), as well as the PLAY Project model. As the new Director of Therapy Services at TKidsT , she leads a team of experienced occupational and speech therapists who provides top quality therapy to each child in a multidisciplinary approach.


Finding and selecting therapists to help your child and your family is extremely important for us at TKidsT. Our therapists help us make a positive difference in the life of the children and families we work with !!! We take great pride in having each one of our therapists in our team.

Our therapist team includes:

  • Victoria Alliegro, MS OTR / L
  • Nathalie Bergouignan, COTA
  • Veronica Cabrera, OTR / L
  • Victoria Delgado, MS OTR / L
  • Jeniffer Gonzalez, MS OTR / L
  • Stephanie Jimenez, M.S., CF-SLP
  • Natalia Sarabia-Ospina, MS OTR / L

Our wonderful team of therapist are all trained in the DIR/Floortime® as well as an array of therapeutic methods including “Integrated Listening System (iLs)”, “Fluid Energy Body Alignment” (FEBA), “Handwriting Without Tears”, “Sensory Integration”, “TAMO / Perception”, Action Organization Therapy, NeuroNet Program and Social Thinking.

We are connecting with your child and you, the parent. We value and encourage direct family participation throughout the treatment process, including during sessions. After all, you are your child’s expert, and the permanent team member!


At TKids , we believe in following an individualized approach to therapy for our children and in applying the same principle towards our families. Operating as the lead point of contact for any and all matters specific to your needs, our office team offers great customer service and reliability, ensuring parents a smooth and reliable experience at our center. Our staff has many years of combined experience in building and maintaining strong, long-lasting client relationships.

Meet Our Office Team Members and Client Account Managers

  • Ricardo Cabrera
  • Maria Ester Carusso
  • Eli Cortes

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