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Thinkering Social Groups  
Play is our first method of exploring and learning about the world around us. It sparks our curiosity to engage, move, and think. Our social groups and camps offer a wonderful opportunity for children to practice their play and social skills with support in a motivating and natural setting. Children are paired appropriately with peers according to their skill level, needs, and goals. Peer interactions are facilitated by creating semi-structured problem-solving opportunities that focus on the children’s developmental level as well as their individual differences. This fosters positive and successful shared social and emotional experiences for the children. Some of the areas that we address during social groups are: increasing attention span, flexible thinking, planning, problem solving, self-regulation, and pragmatic communication skills.

Weekly Thinkering Groups  
These groups meet weekly, as a regular part of a child’s therapy schedule. Working in a group setting offers children the opportunity to address individual goals in a motivating and social environment.

Children are encouraged to develop independent thinking and problem-solve through play so they can find ways to appropriately express their ideas and emotions and learn to engage with peers successfully. These groups range from 2-5 children that are supported by 1- 2 therapists.

Thinkering Camps  
Thinkering Camps offer intensive social groups that meet daily during school breaks- Spring and Summer. The camps are based on the DIR® Floortime model and The PLAY Project. We focus on fostering relationships between children to improve attention and self-regulation that promote developmental growth, social engagement and overall learning. Our camps utilize activities that promote thinking to create ideas, taking advantage of every opportunity to give children problem-solving practice. Thinkering camps are led by therapist with the support of trained assistants and volunteers with small adult-child ratio, no more than 3-children per adult.

Thinkering Handwriting Groups Learning appropriate writing is a complex task so at TKidsT we offer handwriting groups that are presented in a fun, interactive way. Groups are based on the highly-recognized Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum.

TKidsT’s handwriting groups focus on improving all handwriting foundational skills including posture, graded and controlled fine motor movements, self-regulation, attention, visual-motor and visual-perception skills, memory, organization and planning skills. Groups are assembled by age and needs of participants. It consists of at least 3 children, with no more than 6 children per group. Our handwriting groups are scheduled on a weekly basis, and run throughout the year. Please contact our office for the registration, current fees, group meeting times and more information.

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Building relationships sparks curiosity, thinking, creativity and mindful learning