The Power of Play

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At Thinkering Kids Therapy we use engaging, motivating, safe and fun activities – Play – to capture children’s interest to actively participate in therapy.  By playing,  therapists and parents engage children through activities each child enjoys by following the child’s motivation. Play is a powerful tool that makes a great impact in children and parents.

What is play? Play is any activity where our children engage in for enjoyment and recreation, rather than a serious purpose. Play is the universal language, and the truly work of childhood.  Play is motivating and fun. It helps support all areas of children’s development including learning how things work, physical skills, the art of thinking, communication, reasoning, problem-solving, attention span, flexibility, social skills and many other skills that are crucial for success in school and in life.  Besides, play generates so many opportunities for you to enjoy playing with your child, and for your child to enjoy time playing with you! Just by playing with your child at least 20 minutes a day, as part of your daily routine, you will start seeing positive changes.

Play is what makes us grow, develop our imagination and creativity and build strong relationships!


The Power of Play
Build Memories
Build Skills