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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

What You Mom
Really, Really Deserve On
Mother’s Day…

Time to
slow down to enjoy this special Day with your child.

Time to 
appreciate all the great things you have done for your child
with great love…

Time to
listen to your heart and just breath…

Time to
enjoy every laugh, every hug and every kiss you share with your treasure…

Time to
be thankful for being the mother of your children…

Enjoy your children!

Mother Day’s Flower Arrangement Courtesy Of BLOOMBOX http://WWW.BLOOMBOXMIAMI.COM


What Is TKidsTime?


TKidsTime   is an exceptional program guided by the principle that learning occurs best when children are engaged socially, emotionally and intellectually by creating opportunities for learning that are natural, meaningful and purposeful.  

Our program is a program for children under the age of 6, who need support with social interactions, language and communication, sensory processing abilities/managing behaviors  to get ready for a traditional school setting.

TKidsTime   focuses on understanding each child’s unique strengths and needs to design an individualized plan to maximize their participation and learning.

Schedule and Group Size

  • Monday through Thursday
  • Three hours per day
  • Groups size: 3-5 children
  • 1:3 adult-to-child ratio

Informed And Inspired By The following Practice Models:

  • DIR/Floortime
  • HighScope and Reggio  Emilia
  • Play Project
  • Social Thinking

How Can TKidsTime Help Your Child?

TKidsTime   gets children “school ready” by focusing on:

  • Following consistent daily  routines
  • Participation in group activities  and semi-structured tasks
  • Play that offers rich sensory  experiences for learning through the senses
  • Experiences that encourage  curiosity and problem solving
  • Fostering creative play and pre- academic skills
  • Increasing independence with  toileting and self-care
  • Building social skills by targeting  communication of wants and  needs, turn taking, attention to  others
  • Improving attention span,  frustration tolerance and ability  to follow directions
  • Increasing comprehension  and expression in a  variety of contexts

TKidsTime   is run by Occupational  Therapists and Speech and Language Pathologists to strengthen developmental skills in the following areas:

  • Executive functioning (self control,  attention to tasks, problem solving,  and more)
  • Interest and attention to play
  • Anticipation and curiosity
  • Improving engagement with adults and peers
  • Communication
  • Listening and comprehension
  • Social interactions
  • Imitation of movements
  • Imitation of actions
  • Symbolic and pretend play
  • Sensory processing
  • Gross Motor – Movement control
  • Fine motor
  • Pre-writing
  • Self-care



Life Skills Outing: Brunch!

Everyone loves sharing a meal with friends! Setting time to eat together with friends and family is therapeutic and good for our well-being. It gives us the opportunity to talk, reflect, joke and share our experiences with each other as we build and strengthen relationships. Whether we share a meal at home or at a restaurant, the experience should always be an enjoyable one full of good interactions and flavors! We know; however, that many times eating out becomes a difficult experience for our families. With this in mind, The TkidsT team took advantage of this past teacher planning day to share a meal with our kiddos, using the occasion to work on important life skills as well as social/pragmatic abilities.

During this session, our 9 to 12-year-olds had the opportunity to practice these skills in a real-life setting. As a group, they planned for the outing: picked a date, searched for restaurants, perused menus, discussed methods of transportation, problem-solved what clothes were appropriate to wear, discussed how much money to take and went over safety and behavior expectations. Needless to say, they were very excited and counting the days for this special event.

The day arrived, and our kids came ready with their wallets and appetite! We met at our facility to prepare. Each of them was responsible for bringing appropriate clothing for the event and many were able to work on specific dressing skills; from simple things like buttoning their shirts and donning them using correct orientation, to more advanced skills like getting ready within an allotted time frame to meet the time constraints. Others needed support with skills such as grooming and brushing their hair. Once they were ready, we walked as a group to a nearby restaurant for a delicious brunch! On our way there, we worked on plenty of safety awareness precautions such as: staying with the group, stopping and checking before crossing a street, staying on the sidewalk and following directions.

Once at the table, the kids had to calculate what was an appropriate menu choice based on their own specific budget. Some of the kids needed support to deal with the frustration of not finding exactly what they were hoping for. Therapists modeled and assisted the children in developing the social skills necessary to interact and communicate with the waiter. After ordering the food, we were able to engage in conversational exchanges. Everyone was attentive and in their best behavior. We talked about the importance of taking turns, maintaining topic of conversation and incorporating others’ ideas. As we ate, we worked on the fine-motor coordination skills necessary to use the utensils appropriately. It was a beautiful and fun experience for these kids, that allowed them to learn new skills and connect with each other as group. After all that’s what TKidsT is all about: supporting child’s development through relationships. 

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Our Thinkering Summer Explorers Camp First Week Was A Success!

Following the Floortime approach helps us create a rich, supportive environment, full of amazing activities that motivate our campers to play. Throughout the days, play helped them learn how to work together in groups and to share, use creative communication, negotiate, resolve conflicts, create, investigate and explore, build confidence and problem solving. Activities are adapted for the different groups – older and younger campers, and each one of our campers receive the support they need to be successful. After all, our campers learned while having FUN! We can’t wait for Week #2 and beyond ?#summercampmiami #explorerscamps #umcard #socialskills #ot #speechtherapists#speechlanguagepathologists #theimportanceofplay #playandfun # executivefunctions